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Tony Dungy: Does This Guy Look Like A History Grinch?

tony_dungy.jpgAt 11-0 you would think Dungy would look a little happier, you know, have a little spring in his step, a little twinkle in his eye? Nope. Not Dungy. You'd think the prospects of re-writing the history books with an undefeated season would at least draw some sort of positive reaction? Nope. Not Dungy. Every time a reporter asks Tony about going undefeated, he looks like you've just asked him to knock back a glass of Metamucil. Short of Jim Kiick threatening his family, one would have to wonder why Tony Dungy seems hell-bent on passing up football immortality.

"Hopefully, we can win these next two, and we'll see what happens," Dungy said. "I know if we win them, there will be a lot of talk, 'Could you possibly go undefeated?' That's never been a goal of ours."
Ok, fair enough. No head coach starts a football season by pinning up a locker room sign that reads 'goal number #1 - let's have an undefeated season'. My good Footblog readers, I don't have to point out to you why that's a very. bad. idea. Thanks for the tip, coach. But saying something was never a goal, and resting your star players are two completely different things. Oh, but wait.
Dungy said as much the other day when he told that he would likely rest some players when the time comes. He'd rather risk blowing a shot at perfection than a chance to hold the Super Bowl trophy aloft in Detroit.

"We'd be playing to win, but we may be playing some different players," he said.

Boom! That's the bomb right there. Can you believe this? Tony Dungy is actually thinking about resting his star players if his undefeated team clinches home-field early. 1972_jersey.jpgI've been saying since the beginning of the season the only thing that will stop the Colts from winning the Super Bowl is themselves, and Tony Dungy is flashing the first sign that the Colts could fumble the entire season yet.

Advice for Tony: The next time you get a prank call from Larry or The Don, don't hang up so fast Tony. Why don't you keep them on the line a little longer and learn something. Ask those '72 Dolphins what losing just one game would've done for their egos, confidence and momentum. Resting players? Oh how flippant you are, inviting Losing into your locker room like that. And please, Tony, don't give us the standard line you always give us 'but Jim Sorgi's pretty good'. We're not buying it. Remember that chili you ate in Cincinnati a couple of weeks ago, you know, you took the assistant coaches out for dinner after practice? Remember the stench in that bathroom after that meal, Tony? It hung around for days. Just like that, Losing has a way of overstaying its welcome.

Dungy needs to smarten up a bit. The Colts are a team of thoroughbreds and thoroughbreds don't know how to let up. Give Winning the respect it deserves and just go after it!

If you can accept losing you can't win.
If it doesn't matter who wins or loses, then why do they keep score?
What do you think Vince would do? Tony?

11-0 Colts focus on end of season [News-Sentinel]
Will Colts pass on their chance to make history? [Globe&Mail]

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  1. 1

    reme said:

    comon u cant even coach dip nuget so u need to retire and u need to coach the cowboy because they suck

    Posted at 12:57 PM, on March 16 2006
  1. 2

    Ty said:

    72 Dolphins still rule!

    Posted at 06:37 AM, on September 20 2006

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