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LaRon Landry Suffers Funniest Injury EVER~!


That's right LaRon, make sure to cover up.

We writers often use hyperbole to make a point about the greatness of something that goes on in the world of sports. The terms "greatest of all time," and, "best ever," get tossed around quite a lot these days, and most of the time it's just an overreaction. However, today I can say with full honesty that I have found the GREATEST INJURY STORY EVER~!

Redskins rookie safety LaRon Landry was unable to practice when the Skins opened mini-camp Friday because (drum roll please.....) he was SHOT IN THE GROIN BY A PAINTBALL! Yes you read that right. Apparently Landry forgot to wear that thing we all refer to as a "cup" as he was running around the woods getting shot at with fake guns. I for one would probably make that the first item I put on if I knew that people were going to be shooting at me, but what do I know? What makes this story even better is the quote from Landry's teammate Marcus Washington.

"I didn't know paintball was that dangerous. I hope it wasn't friendly fire."

First of all if it was "friendly fire" then Landry should find some new friends. I don't know if I'd want to hang out with people who are looking to shoot me in the groin with paintballs. Second, paintball isn't really dangerous if you wear protective gear. The danger does pick up a bit though if you don't protect the "investment," and one of your friends thinks he's in a John Woo movie and shoots you in the groin. Ouch. I'm sure being a rookie and all that LaRon won't have to deal with his teammates making fun of him for this though. Not a problem at all.

Unfortunately there is no video of this incident (that I know of) but I was able to find this dramatic reenactment with a football standing in for the paintball. Enjoy!


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